Aline Vuiller met

Sound Designer

[ 360° mix – foley ]

Hailing from Jura, Aline Vuillermet ventured to Lyon to delve into the realm of Sound Design. Fueled by a longstanding passion for film and video game music, She find joy in unraveling the diverse facets of the Sound Designer profession each day – from crafting sound effects and foley to recording, editing, creating immersive auditory experiences, and mastering the intricacies of mixing.

As a pianist and fervent admirer of film music, her current journey has led her to work as a sound designer and audio technician. Her aim? To sculpt atmospheres, evoke sound effects, and immerse audiences in captivating auditory landscapes across various audiovisual projects, including short films, animated features, video games, and even dazzling sound and light spectacles. During her leisure hours, Aline Vuillermet also indulge in the creation of original musical compositions tailored for short films.